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New single: "higher love"

This project really took on a life of its own in the most amazing way.  "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood is probably my favorite song ever, and somewhere in my strange mind I thought it would be cool to do a cover that was loosely inspired by Bon Iver's "Woods."  It started out as just an a cappella track, me literally sitting on my bed recording layers of my own voice.  I played the (super) rough draft for my friend Sydney Patrick who suggested I collaborate with the brilliant producer Donnie Spackman on it.


Syd and I took a weekend trip to Donnie's garage-turned-studio on a farm in Pennsylvania, and he worked his magic to produce this final track.  My vague idea was "I want it to feel huge and like outer space."  Not only did he put all these delicious ethereal effects on the vocal, he loaded up my vocal sample on his MIDI keyboard to expand and play my voice across octaves and octaves.  Those are the layers you'll hear in the second verse.  The synth bass line creates harmony I couldn't have even dreamed up, and the beat drop/keyboard combo on the last chorus is just so satisfying.  To top it all off Sydney created this gorgeous album art that perfectly encapsulates the vibe I was going for with the track.  One of my favorite collaborations ever across the board.

Take "Higher Love" on-the-go at iTunes and Spotify.

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